Friday, July 10, 2009

How A Free Energy Generator Works

By Jozel Max

A way that you can pay less for electric bills, so you want to know what it is? Most people will love this, but many will be extremely skeptical. Does it work? Many people have tried it with great results. Saving up to 50% on just a partial use of this free energy generator.

It's a device that you can build yourself, and get free energy off the grid. It's called a zero point magnetic generator, and with it you can get free energy. Using magnets with magnetic force it will produce perpetual motion, which in turn will create free energy for you to use. Running continually by itself, and will continually produce more energy then what it will use.

Imagine the benefits of such a machine, and then you can figure out why for years it has been kept from the general public. If you're able to create your own free energy you won't need to pay for it from all those big companies who make tons of money. This generator that you can make yourself will not use solar or even wind power.

This device can be used to power your full house, or partial depending on what you want to save. Most people may decide to try it out as a partial supply to see how it works. Taking up little space you will not have a humungous piece of machinery to fill up your home. What you need to build the generator will not cost much, and it will also be easily found anyplace in the world.

The cost of the material will not amount to much, and again it's very simple to build. Many years have been spent testing this idea and perfecting it. Now it's being shared with many people, hoping to save money on those electric bills.

This is a great way to help out the environment too, a very eco-friendly way to create energy in your home, and free energy at that. At a small cost of $100 for the materials needed to build this device, it will make up the cost very easily and quickly. Imagine if by only using it for part of the electric in your home it can save you 50%. It will not take that long for the cost of material to be made up.

A fantastic way to save money or a scam? Well from all the different people who have tried out this product it seems like the real thing. Not much expense to build, and saving a bunch of money it may be worth the try.

Finally, if you want a new way to get energy for your home, and something that will cost you nothing. Well build your own free energy generator for a very small cost of $100. Save the money and use it for other things in your life that you could use. Use it for a nice family vacation, or something you've always wanted. Again it will help you save around 50% if you only use it for part of your home.

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