Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What The Wind Does For You

By Brit Xavier

When one considers the general concern nowadays about the state of the environment, it isn't surprising that many people are now looking for an alternative means of powering their homes and businesses. Even though there are numerous companies investing in solar energy, one simply cannot overlook the fact that wind power has been in use in various forms for over 100 years. From the windmills of yesteryear to present day wind farms, the phenomenal power of the wind is now being used not only by businesses, but also for home use.

While the wind is not always plentiful or abundant if you have at least a breeze of more than ten MPH, it's enough to power some low voltage turbines. You can expect to cut your electricity bill by 50-90%, with some average power bills ranging from $8-$15 for most of the year. Where it's cooler and an air conditioning unit is used less often or not at all, this could be your electricity bill throughout the year.

In the United States, the average household uses about 9,000kWh during the course of a year, which means they use more or less 780 kilowatt hours per month. Even a wind turbine which only has a five to fifteen kilowatt capacity is able to reduce your monthly electricity bill considerably.

Given the very nature of wind turbines, one should realize that it's necessary to have an adequate amount of space. In fact, one should ideally have approximately an acre of land. Remember, even small wind turbines which are mounted on towers measuring a foot or less, also require a suitable amount of space.

If you don't have an average wind speed of more than 10mph, then a wind turbine will not work for you. However, there are at least 47 states where wind powered homes are found, with the majority being in areas of being in the Northeast and Midwest.

Apart from the financial savings you stand to gain, installing a wind generator will also benefit the environment in many ways. For example, wind generators help to reduce noise pollution, just as they help to reduce the tremendous burden placed on the national power grids. Furthermore, utility companies may be willing to pay you for any excess power produced which you don't use. Once you start to see your electric meter spinning backwards, you'll know that your wind turbine is not only helping to save the planet, but it's also supplying electricity to the grid, for which you'll be paid.

It's hardly surprising that one can now see wind farms springing up everywhere considering that many companies are realizing just how much profit there is to be made. In fact, many farmers today are also starting to focus on wind power as a reliable source of income.

Irrespective of what changes you make, be it that you start turning off the lights when not in use, or be it that you decide to start using a wind generator, it is absolutely vital that we all begin making some changes in order to preserve this wonderful planet.

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