Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Refinishing: The Best Option For Old Hot Tubs

By Henry Evans

Got a hot tub that seems to be beyond maintenance and heavy cleanup? You might be thinking of going to the home improvement store and scout for a replacement. And there are good hot tubs that cost less than $200. Seems like a good deal, isn't it?

However, fishing for your wallet and purchasing a new bathtub might be costly, considering other expenses you might incur such as fees for the contractor, demolition, removal, landfill fees, tilers, and a plumber. Add them all up and you have a huge amount on your bill.

You can also do the refinishing process yourself if you want to save more money. Just apply some acrylic liner and watch as it does some wonders. But unless you know what you're doing, leave this task to the pros.

Old hot tubs that are made of porcelain, fiberglass, and cast-iron can still look as a new through refinishing, a process also known as reglazing. If you know how to do this, then do it with caution. Otherwise, you'll just mess it all up and pay more for remedial repair. Most reglazing are done on site, since most hot tubs are fixed to their locations.

With this in mind, most professionals are very wary when they work in a residential or private facility. You can expect them to be really careful with oversprays and messes that come with the job. As much as possible, they like to make a real good impression with the occupants.

The refinishing process includes filling of holes, cracks, repairing of nicks, and concludes in priming, sealing and painting with a highly durable, glossy top-coat of any color you pick. This is where you can add a little creativity in your bathroom by contrasting and blending the color of your hot tub with the other fixtures in the bathroom.

The rates for such service vary from contractor to contractor, but the most obvious and common denominator is that refinishing is much more cost effective than actually replacing your hot tub even with those tagged with a low price.

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