Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buying Your First Property In Costa Rica

By Randy Berg

There are certain places in the world that can give you the best in relaxation and quiet. It a place where the atmosphere is serene and the scenery are breathtaking. Costa Rica is a place of dense green jungles, with incredible views overlooking incredibly white beaches and crystal clear water. Buying a piece of property in Costa Rica can bring you to the place where you can escape from the day to day living of life and begin to relax, regain calm, and be a part of a beautiful environment.

Costa Rica is an incredible place that can provide a wealth of activities, culture, and breathtaking views to anyone who wants to buy a vacation or home, or second residence. Located in Central America, between the countries of Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is bordered on the East by the Gulf of Mexico and on the West by the Pacific Ocean. Fishing for Tuna, Marlin, and other big trophy fish is extremely popular in Costa Rica. In fact, it is among the world's top fishing.

While you are staying in Costa Rica you can enjoy temperate weather while enjoying the beautiful array of sensual delight. Visually, Costa Rica is a piece of heaven. Whether swimming along the beach, and watching whales and dolphins at play, or hiking through the jungle, seeing the immense numbers of fauna and parrots, you are always in a store for something new at every corner.

Costa Rica is an amazing place for a second home, vacation spot, or even to move permanently. Finding time to unwind is very easy in a place where the only noise to bother you is the birds or the crashing of the waves. Costa Rica is also home to a great number of resorts, spas, and incredible shops full of friendly people and valuable items.

There are incredibly breathtaking beaches and crystal clear water that await someone who wants a beach front home, while amazing fauna, animals, and foliage for those who want a more jungle atmosphere. Whichever you choose, there is a place waiting for you. Next, do an online search for homes in the areas you like that are for sale. Most online places will give you video tours of the homes, or you could have a Realtor in the area record the home for you. The best advice would be to go to Costa Rica to see the home yourself. This way you are getting a feel for the country, the people, and the culture before you buy.

Next, once you find a home you like begin the buying process and getting your immigration papers ready. The sale is much like buying a home anywhere else and can bring you out of your hectic lifestyle into your new relaxed life. A place where you begin each day with amazing views of the new day and afternoon siestas while the cool ocean breezes keep you from overheating. Enjoy great hospitality, people, and activities that Costa Rica has to offer by buying property.

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