Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Delta Woodworking Tools And Parts - Simplifying The Woodworkers' Job

By Bart Icles

Delta woodworking power tools have been in the market since 1919 when the company began it first business in Herbert Tautz's garage in Wisconsin. Delta power tools today are known for their durability, reliability, and power. From its humble yet significant start, the Delta power tool company has branched out into the portable or cordless tool market, with having the same top quality of its powerful stationary tools.

Herbert Tautz vision of his tools revolutionizing and bring simplification and efficiency to the woodworking man's job is now a reality. His innovative ideas and creative craftsmanship has made Delta woodworking tools garner many awards and accolades in the power tool segment. His company has continued to produce and incorporate many pioneering advances that be found in most of today's tools. Having learned from experience from many years of tool production and repair, Delta built a reputation as a company that produced woodworking power tools that were safe and easy to use, as well as being tools that were unquestionably unmatched in performance.

The Delta woodworking tools are divided into two segments: the stationary tools and portable tools or "Shopmaster power tools". Comprising the stationary tool line are the heavy duty table saws, planers, and other major woodworking tools. While the Shopmaster line of tools include the top saws, planers, compressors, and cordless tools.

Delta Machinery, Inc. which was then named Delta-Milwaukee was bought by Rockwell Manufacturing in 1945. Through the passing years, Rockwell became a major manufacturer of stationary and woodworking machinery and expanded into the more businesses by acquiring Walker-Turner and Crescent Machine Company. Delta's first commercial success came with the introduction of the first 10" saw, known as the Unisaw Cabinet Saw. A few years later, it again set the standard with its 14" band saw. Its design has been copied by most competitors' band saws. In 1981, it was sold to Pentair and regained its single known brand name - Delta. In 2004, Delta was bought by the giant tool manufacturer Black and Decker.

Delta woodworking power tools are in essence all about strength and durability, but in all fairness, all power tools no matter how great and superior they are will at some point in their use break down, and may need replacement's for its consumable parts. This is where the ingenuity of the Delta replacement tool parts comes in. Each replacement part is as reliable as the original part of the machinery as the day it came out of the assembly line. Delta replacement parts are guaranteed to be as durable and efficient as the worn out or broken part with having undergone a rigorous and stringent manufacturing process inherent in all Delta machinery.

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