Thursday, July 9, 2009

DIY Solar Power - How To Get Started Today

By Alexis Jameson

A great way to make a difference in reducing the amount of pollution in our environment is to change the way in we use natural resources for energy. Starting your own DIY solar power generator at home makes a huge difference and is easily achievable.

It is quite inexpensive to get stated on your own solar power project at home. Before choosing a project, make sure that you do a checklist on what is right for you, for example, how long it will take and whether you will be able to complete it. But it is well worth it, it is the first step for safeguarding yourself from increasing energy prices. Many governments support such individual initiatives by providing incentives.

To reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce we just need to make a few modifications in how energy is used in our homes. A lot of the energy is used in heating or cooling the home so being aware of that we can start to look at solutions in reducing the usage.

The first consideration when you start on your solar power project is to check the amount of sunlight you get in the region you live in. You want to catch as much sunlight as possible throughout the yeear, so conducting a site survey is essential. Be aware that the path of the sun changes during different time of the year. You may check on how to conduct the site survey on the internet or contact your solar panel distributor who may advise you.

There are many things that you can do to save energy, money and reduce carbon emissions from installing improved insulation for your home and using more efficient lighting. Solar panels can be installed on the roof and the manufacturer will advise you on the appropriate mount for the panel.

Try to start with a simple DIY solar power project for your home. The simplest is making your own solar power generator. You can use it to run most appliances in you house like your TV, CD player, hairdrier etc. The generator can also be used as a back up power supply if there is a power cut in your home. All the parts that you need for the generator including the solar panels and the batteries are easily found from local stores or the internet.

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