Thursday, July 30, 2009

Designs of Fireplace Screen

By Pamela Smith

The simple fireplace screen is one good way of improving the appearance of hearth without creating conflict from it architectural design. They are effective blockers of ashes and flames being thrown out of the wood-burning place. Generally, designs like these are available in brushed steel finish. This simple type of blocker has a classic style that can fit in with any of your pre-existing house decors

This also serves as the door for your fire place. It does not obstruct your sight of the flickering beauty of the flames. It is important that it has a mesh guard to avoid sparkling embers from getting out that can cause damage to your floors or nearby furnishings. A fireplace screen such as this come in different colors, sizes and models you can choose from to suit to your personal taste.

This type of flame protector can match with your house and floor designs. There is another type of fireplace screen which can be used to match the hearth itself. It can be made of graphite which is truly an elegant style. It can come in many shapes, sizes and colors depending on the needs of the owner. It is more beautiful when it is equipped with a mesh guard to prevent flaming embers getting into your floor and leave burn marks on them.

You can also opt for this type of a modern flame protector which usually has piano hinges for more support, durability and stability. It has the mesh spark guard to protect your floor and furnishing from sparkling embers that could be flying out from the wood-burning place. This is a fireplace screen that has geometric designs that coordinates with your modern hearth style.

Whatever style of hearth you have in your home, there is always a corresponding style that can fit in to that. You always find on the Internet your needed craftsmanship. There are hundreds of different shapes, designs and styles of these flame protectors that can match your need for a fireplace screen.

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