Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lawn care- Getting your family involved

By Andrew Caxton

Do you want to get some work done along with play? Well, the ingenuous solution is to make lawn care a combined family activity. There are numerous benefits of doing this. You, as a family get to spend time together and that too in a productive way. When you involve your kids in lawn care along with you, it is a great way of establishing rapport with them. Also, by giving them lessons on how to build a beautiful and clean lawn, you are instilling valuable lessons of responsibility in them. Kids anyways yearn to help parents with outdoor tasks as it makes them feel grown up. If you present lawn care as an exciting venture, you will have a devoted bunch to help you whenever you want them to.

However, even though the idea seems great, is it as simple to put in operation as it sounds? Well, it could be if you put some thought in to it. Family lawn care can become a problem if you are always neck deep in your work and do not find the time to spend time together with your family. To get rid of embarrassing situations later, the best idea would be to go in for some planning. Begin by delegating particular tasks to everyone and also fix schedules which you can follow with your work. This way, you won't have to bear the stigma of broken promises later.

If you are wondering how to assign tasks to your children, make a decision based on their age. With younger children, you could ask them to go to the garden store and get the seeds for grass planting. On the other hand, if your children are older, they could lend a hand in sowing the grass seeds. You have to exercise great caution when it comes to handling fertilizers, especially the chemical ones irrespective of the age of your child. It is better not to let kids deal with fertilizers even if they are older because of the possibility of dangerous consequences.

Similarly with lawnmowers, you need to be careful when kids are around. It would be advisable to keep kids away from lawnmowers. Since this equipment can be hazardous, do not let them even lay a hand on the lawnmower unless you are around to keep an eye on them. If you have very small kids who are persistent about their desire to help you with the mower, you can indulge them by seating them on your shoulder and asking them for instructions to help you operate the lawnmower. After some time, you can take them to the house while you keep on with your lawn mowing work.

Thus, by making lawn care a family task, you not only have an entertaining time but also get quicker results in any front yard landscape designs exercise. Isn't that great?

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