Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

By Stephanie McLain

There are so many different things to consider when designing babys room. What colors should I use? What theme should I go with? What safety considerations should I keep in mind? Its enough to drive a person crazy. In this article my aim is to steer you on a path away from insanity on your way to a vibrant babys lounge that you can brag to all your friends about. When designing a babys room the most important things you should focus on are choosing your colors, deciding on a theme, and baby proofing.

Colors, colors, colors. It all starts with the colors. With the advancement of color psychology, science has shown that soft colors are the best route to go for your little guy. Remember, baby is new to this whole big place full of different sites, sounds, and touch. The best thing for your baby is to provide soft colors that will sooth and calm baby as he ventures into this big world of ours. Now I'm not saying its all gotta be peaches and creams. You can use bold and exciting, but just remember to use it as an accent around the baby nursery in things like the trim or design patterns on fabric.

Colors may have psychological advantages and disadvantages to baby's mind and development. We want to use colors that will enhance baby's senses instead of confusing them. Now this may sound like over kill, but why make things difficult for the little tike. Remember, baby is a sponge soaking in everything around. Let's look at two colors and what their impact may be on baby's mind.

Black may not be a color you want to include in your nursery decor. It symbolizes authority and power and is a color that implies submission. This in my opinion is an adult color and should not be forced upon baby. Bottom line, I would stay away from black.

White is a wonderful color to use in your baby nursery decor. White symbolizes purity and innocence. What better way to represent a new life on earth? The added bonus of white is that it is a neutral color and goes with everything.

When deciding on a theme think of it as the first learning experience that you want to give your baby. After all, this room is to help baby to learn, develop, and grow so keep that in mind when deciding on what theme fits best for baby and not you. Keep your personal likes and dislikes at bay and save them for decorating your master bedroom. A good rule of thumb to use is if you find something that is cool or just right for you, find something one step behind in simplicity so baby's brain is not warped into overdrive from day one. You can always build up to your ideal theme as baby grows. Just don't rush it. Some good themes to kick start your baby nursery are animal shapes, silly frogs, beautiful simple butterflies, or good ole fashion shapes and colorful dots.

With so many terrible news articles out there with unfortunate accidents that occur in baby's room, its a wonder why safety is not a number one priority when creating baby's nursery. Throughout your baby nursery decorating adventure look for thinks like small items on themes that baby could choke on like buttons and beads. Look for baby furniture with safety feature like a crib that locks firmly and securely. And finally, prep the room with electrical outlet plugs so baby's first shock is only the amazing room you have prepared. Also it is a good idea to invest in a baby monitor so you can hear how baby is doing at all times. Safety first will keep you from being sorry last.

Now you have a great head start and are armed with some things to consider when designing babys room. You know to pick your colors first: three is good and any more than four and youre your going too far. Pick themes that are simple and keep baby in mind. And finally, remember to keep safety always on the back of your mind when doing your baby nursery decor.

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