Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes: Writing The Facts Down On Paper To Save

By Noelene Kahiapotis

When you are looking for those reputable long distance moving companies, you'll find dozens in your local phone directory.

As the long-distance moving companies have cut-throat competition, they tend to have almost similar rates and you are sure to end up in utter chaos if you start calling them all to find that one who is reputable enough to hire. If you are making a long distance move and looking for a moving company, you will need to organize and categorize the aspects important to you or it may get overwhelming.

Usually the information given by long distance moving companies regarding their services requires some thinking to interpret, but they will at least give you a quote for your long distance move. If you want to make the most of all that information you'll need a matrix of which companies offer which services and their prices.

Many long distance moving companies offer unwanted or unnecessary services way beyond of what your require. There are interstate moving companies which also offer storage facilities if you can't move into your new home immediately. You're able to choose the services you need, and pay only for the ones that you choose.

Make a list of the most critical services. It's important to properly pack your items for moving, and sometimes moving companies will include packing services in their original quotes. If you'd rather pack your own things, be sure packing service isn't included in the quote you receive.

Have you checked up with the movers about the insurance and conditions of making claims? You should decide whether you can wait for your belongings to arrive later or you want them to accompany you to your new place.

Your decision table should address all these considerations. Fill in the extreme right column of your spreadsheet with the names of long-distance movers and your service needs against the names.

As you receive long distance moving quotes from out of state moving firms, you can tick off the services they offer that fulfill your needs. By making a spreadsheet, it's easy to see those state to state moving companies that can fulfill all your needs and compare them to those that might not offer as many services.

Since most long distance moving companies base their rates on weight, you might also want to decide which things are the most important to take to your new home. Is your old dinning room worth the price of moving it even if you are emotionally attached to it? The cost of moving an old piece of furniture can sometimes be close to the cost of a new replacement piece.

After deciding which pieces you would like to move, several important factors relating to the long distance moving company, including D.O.T. approval, prices and variety of services offered, timetable of the move, and moving company insurance coverage can be reviewed by using your decision table.

Select based on your research the most focused interstate mover for your relocation. Making better decisions is a lot easier if you have everything planned out.

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