Monday, July 27, 2009

Should You buy a Plasma Television?

By Graham Taylor

Buying a television used to be easy. There were only a few televisions of varying sizes in most stores and each television used the same technology. Today this is not the case. Shoppers much choose from LCD, Plasma, CRT, rear projection and other technologies when shopping for television. So, should you buy a plasma TV?

Plasma televisions are flat panel units with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Like any responsible consumer, you must decide whether the advantages are greater than the disadvantages when purchasing a plasma television. This article will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a plasma television.

Plasma television disadvantages include the fact that there are more susceptible to screen burn in. However, technological improvements as of late have made this disadvantage almost nonexistent. Another disadvantage of flat screen plasma TVs is an increase in power consumption and resulting he generation when compared to other flat screen technologies. Finally, flat panel plasma TVs tend to perform poorly at higher altitudes and are commonly heavier and more prone to screen glare than other technologies.

Yet, plasma televisions pose several advantages. These advantages include a much better picture when compared to LCD and other flat screen units. Plasma TVs provide superior motion tracking, a large assortment of big screen televisions, better contrast ratio and deeper blacks and colors. If you are concerned with getting high definition video from your television, you should definitely consider purchasing a plasma TV.

There is one final note about possible advantages of the plasma television compared to LCD technology. Some people claim that because LCD flat screen televisions contain mercury that they are unsafe. In reality, the risk is so minuscule that there is very little reason to worry. Unless you, your family or your pets are prone to disassembling televisions and licking the components, you probably dont have anything to worry about.

Purchasing a plasma television relies on your perception of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of technology. If youre still unsure how these will play into your choice, consider the following scenarios.

Some people choose to open their windows and allow a lot of sunlight into their homes. In this situation, plasma TVs will likely show a lot of screen glare and cause unwanted heat buildup when combined with the sunlight. However, because most homes are air conditioned and do not allow much sunlight in, plasma televisions will likely be the better choice. Simply put, the increased quality of video that is produced by a plasma TV will definitely lead many people to buy them.

In conclusion, purchasing a plasma TV is a process which requires education and research. Based on current home trends, a plasma television will likely fit your needs much better than other technologies. However, the choice is ultimately yours.

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