Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thinking Of Lawn Maintenance, Think Of Using Lawn Roller

By Ferdinand Emy

A lawn roller is a peculiar sort of machine that is employd when sodding a new lawn. If you have ever placed sod on a new lawn you know how trying it may be to roll out the sod and make sure that it is placed rightly on the ground. A lawn roller is meant to make the job simpler.

Sod is considered to be the best choice for beginning a new lawn. Even though sod is more overpriced than seed, it will supply you with instantaneous effects and will also endow you with a fuller lawn than is more often than not possible with seeds. Using a lawn roller may make it easier and quicker to install the sod on your lawn.

Before utilising a lawn roller to install the sod, you'll require to insure that the lawn is prepared adequately. So as to do this, any existing grass and weeds need to be removed from the lawn. Sod cutters may work well for this purpose. Insure that you do a thorough job to ensure that everything is cleared. If you do not empty existing weeds or grass you'll have difficulties with them coming up along with the sod.

The next step involved in preparing the lawn so that you can use the lawn roller is to till the lawn. This is particularly crucial if the dirt is compact. It's essential to make sure that you till up the yard. You will then need to apply a good number of fertilizer also as compost.

After you have added the fertilizer to the topsoil, the next step is to till the fertilizer into the topsoil. This insures that the fertilizer is worked into the topsoil. You might want to employ a rake on the topsoil before you grab the lawn roller to spread out the sod. Keep in mind that the topsoil should be leveled completely. It must be completely level before you spread out the sod employing the lawn roller.

When you are ready to lay out the sod, you will utilize the lawn roller. Begin by rolling one side of the sod on the far side of the lawn. Next, you'll use the lawn roller to roll another section of sod on the opposite side of the lawn. The goal is to employ the lawn roller to roll sections of sod till you have reached the middle of the lawn.

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