Monday, July 20, 2009

Solar Powered Landscape Lighting - Say No to Wires in Your Landscaping

By John Monsholi

Solar powered landscape lighting eliminates the need for any wiring in your landscaping whatsoever. Solar powered landscape lighting is becoming more popular, day after day, due to not only being absolutely autonomous, but also being extremely low cost. Any homeowner will be able to save on their electric bills and get rid of the unsightly wires in their landscaping.

Solar powered landscape lighting is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, due to that it uses natural solar energy to operate.

Solar powered landscape lighting will allow you to safeguard your children and pets from getting an electric shock, while being in your garden. The lighting wires will never get damaged by animals, since there will be no wires. No wires also mean that this type of lighting can be easily relocated throughout your garden in the future.

So why does solar powered landscape lighting become more and more popular each day?

1. Solar powered landscape lighting comes in a large assortment of landscape lighting solutions, including spotlights, bollards, flashlights, floodlights, garden lighting, lawn lighting, step lights, pathway lights, hanging path lights, wall lights, deck lights, flagpole lights, light strings, tube lights, lantern lights, address lights, and even floating pool lights.

2. There is also a wide range of materials to choose from for your solar powered landscape lighting design: stainless steel, copper, plastic, black metal and chrome coated lights.

3. A wide variety of decorative units will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated gardening enthusiasts. Decorated units include hummingbirds, fireflies, dragonflies, butterflies, mushroom lights, flower lights, glass orbs, color changing orbs, stone lights and dozens of other beautiful design units.

Solar powered landscape lighting is one of the most beautiful and functional landscape lighting solutions. Solar-powered garden lights are equipped with solar panels, allowing for a battery to gain enough power to feed the LED (Light Emitting Diode) for more than 14 hours on a bright sunny day. Even on a cloudy day the lighting will get charged from the sunlight, however in this case it will emit light for less than14 hours at dusk.

Solar powered landscape lighting units will allow you to illuminate your whole beautiful garden, including the stairs, pools, polls, walls, desks, flowerbeds, garden paths, and the rest of your garden. All that is needed to set up solar powered landscape lighting is a place in your garden with no shadow cast throughout the daytime. Solar powered landscape lighting units can be located anywhere in your garden, including walls and polls, since they usually come with special brackets. Built-in photo sensors make the lighting turn on by itself in the evening and to keep shining all the way until the morning. Throughout the next day, the solar powered landscape lighting units will become charged and start shining again, with the onset of the next evening. It is better to opt for the units that come with a button to turn your lights off and on for your utmost convenience.

Solar powered landscape lighting does not require any maintenance. Such lighting will never burn out, and it does not need regular electricity to shine. Solar powered landscape lighting will eliminate the need of paying for landscape work, since the homeowner can easily set up solar powered landscape lighting on his/her own. There is absolutely no need for wiring, just mount the units wherever you want, whether on the ground, on the walls or on the polls. If you set up your lighting in the beginning of the day, you will see it start shining the same evening. This type of lighting will serve a homeowner for more than 10 years, as well as it is capable of withstanding very cold and very warm temperatures. Solar powered landscape lighting is stylish and autonomous lighting, capable of creating a special beautiful ambiance in any garden.

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