Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Choose A Carpet Cleaning Machine

By Paul Stenson

Rug cleaning and carpet cleaning are two different things. This means that the best carpet-cleaning machine may not be the best machine for cleaning rugs. If you have a lot of rugs in your house and are looking to buy a good machine to clean them, you should do research first to make sure you get a good machine that is meant for rug cleaning.

If you go out and buy the first carpet-cleaning machine you find, you may end up being very disappointed with the result. Before you buy a machine, make sure you are getting the right one for the type of rug cleaning you are going to be using it for. Ask around and do some research first as these machines are a bit on the expensive side.

The Von Schrader lines of carpet cleaning machines are a trusted brand and an industry leader. These machines have good reviews and customers have been satisfied with their performance for many years. As they are a top brand, the machines are a bit on the expensive side and so you want to make sure you buy the one that will work best for your type of carpets or rugs.

The Rug Doctor brand of carpet cleaning machines is also a top of the line name you can buy. The name Rug Doctor is very recognizable and has been around for years. Make sure you decide whether you want a machine that is primarily made for rugs or for carpet. Different Rug Doctor machines have different specifications and some are made for shaggy carpet and others do better on carpet that is cut close.

An idea to help you with machine selection is to hire a professional to come in and clean your carpets the first time. That way, you will be able to ask him what type of machine he would recommend specifically for the type of carpet or rugs you have. As this will be a machine that you hope to get years of use out of, it is a good idea to find out from someone who knows what machines would be the best choices for you.

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