Friday, July 24, 2009

Product Review of iH9 iPod Alarm Clock - The Newest Battery Alarm Clock of iHome

By Paul J. Easton

Meet the new iH9, the newest ihome battery alarm clock in town. This model is the all new and improved successor to the infamous iH8 iPod alarm clock radio.

This iH9 iHome battery alarm clock has a number of new features due to public demands. This includes the remote control for the iHome unit and the iPod menu functions, AM/FM presets, and EQ controls for treble, bass, and balance. It even controls the 3D sound for better audio experience.

The updated design has a sleeker cabinet, not to mention more user-friendly. The enhanced alarm settings feature the custom-your-own iPod playlist. This has the ability to let you set various playlists at different days with the 7-5-2 feature and the added programmable snooze settings. Additional features of this iH9 are: iPod, AM/FM Radio or buzzer alarm, universal dock (with inserts to fit various iPod models), and charges iPod while docked.

Personally, the sound is superb for a clock but it would pale in comparison and can never replace a real dock system. I am in love, though, with the tilt feature as it is really cool. This is because I watch videos on my iPod just before going to sleep. When I use the iPhone, I simply grab the clock and roll it to the left while the display rotates with it too. As with any iPod, the design style is impeccably modern and sleek.

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