Thursday, July 16, 2009

What To Look For When Choosing A Reliable Painting Contractor That Stands Behind Their Work.

By James Moore

A good way to begin looking for a painting contractor is to ask relatives, friends, or neighbors who have had a quality paint job done that has lasted a while. If you find one who was extremely pleased, ask if it would be alright to come have a look. Carefully examine the small things like trim work, eaves, inside corners, and ask about how the work surface was prepared. Ask if areas that were not to receive paint masked off and adequately protected. Were the workers constantly on time and staying on task or did they show up late and only work half days. Also, find out if a written warranty was supplied, and if possible, review it.

Your local paint store (not the local Wal-Mart) should be able to give you good leads to a reputable, reliable painting contractor who does quality work. Most painters buy their paint from a paint store, and thus you can ask about the painters who seem to pay their bills on time. Most of the time this means that they have done reliable work, and thus are getting paid on time. The same paint store will speak to you about what kinds of preparation you should expect, since the quality of the paint job usually is reflected by the preparation.

Its sad to know that some have spent hard earned money just to have the paint on their home peeling or flaking off in just a few short months; especially when it could have been avoided by just doing a proper preparation job. When paint substrates (fails to adhere properly due to a wet, dirty, or degrading surface) it is because the surface was covered with old loose or flaking paint, dirt, grease, mold, other substances, or wasnt clean and dry.

Interviews are important! Ask the contractor about pressure washing and caulking use prior to painting. What about priming, and if so what type of primer will be used? Is the painting contractor able to give you many references of happy users? When you ask for a proposal, is the contractor pleasant, and professional? A good quote details the approximate time the job should take, the preparation details (will it be pressure-washed, caulked, properly masked off to prevent overspray?), what kind of paint will be used, and how many coats of paint will applied.

Your written contract needs to have all of the above included, and also have expanded details like start date, material specifics, colors, and an estimated completion date. There should also be a clause for how any changes, payments, or cancellations are handled. Ensuring that the workers on your property are insured is very important. One way to handle this with minimal stress is to hire a company that has its own employees. If you have uninsured subcontractors on your property, and they get injured, you, not the contractor are liable. Plus if the contractor doesnt pay them after completion, you could have a lien placed against your home.

Just for a quick review, make sure the company you hire is committed to the preparation needed for a quality job, that they have your interests in mind, that they either hire employees or make sure their subcontractors are insured, and provide a written warranty. Follow these few tips to ensure you get the quality job you were looking for.

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