Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Using Renewable Wind energy For Your Home

By James Snyder

Just about anywhere you live you will find wind. Where I live the wind blow hard quite often but it is always moving regardless of how hard it blows. One of the fastest growing sources of power is renewable wind energy. We are seeing wind farms all over the country as well as wind turbines in the back yard of homes.

I have found that the wind blows everywhere that i have ever been. Granted some area are windier than others but there is wind every where. Since that is true then no matter where you live you can produce wind power or electricity by applying renewable wind energy technology.

The best part is by using do-it-yourself guides; even the least skilled handymen can build their own windmills and start using renewable wind energy to lower their electric bills each month. However, if you do live in a particularly windy area you can feasibly generate an abundance of electricity from renewable wind energy systems.

A good renewable wind energy system might have a number of wind turbines to build up a good amount of power. Of course a residential area could easily supply power with one wind turbine since too many would be over kill.

In many states, it is possible to sell the excess electricity you generate from your renewable wind energy system back to the utilities companies. Of course you will want to check your local laws about this possibility.

With renewable wind energy growing in popularity many local governments are passing laws allowing the implementation of wind turbine for both residential and small business use. Our local Meijers store has placed three wind turbines on their roof in order to help our community save from pollution and to conserve energy for themselves as well.

The very best part of integrating a renewable wind energy system into your home or business is the environmental impact. Renewable wind energy produces little to no pollution, no harmful greenhouse gases and no methane or carbon dioxide-which contribute to global warming. And of course the savings those homeowners can realize after their initial investment in renewable wind energy.

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