Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Save The Planet - Do It Yourself Solar Power

By Alexis Jameson

Most people think of highly intelligent scientists when solar power is mentioned as a method of energy for a home. This is the biggest misconception made by the population. There are many do it yourself solar power resources that can help you install solar power in your home. Solar power is a great deal cheaper in the long run that typical power coming from an electric company.

Any type of renewable energy has been in existence for a long time. People are not as involved in learning about this as they should be. Nature provides all the energy anyone living on the Earth should need to live comfortably. Not only from the nature aspect, but think of the money that would be saved monthly with no electric bill.

The batteries should be 12 volt. Marina batteries work the best. These are otherwise known as the batteries that operate boats. Once these are purchased, you must find an inverter that is sized to suit your energy needs. Then you will need a different type of meter installed in place of the original meter that only runs one direction. The purpose of the reversing meter is to push excessive energy back into the electric lines that were bringing power into your home.

When you use a solar energy source, you will not become completely energy independent. But you will be close. Although, the energy you create will not draw from the huge transformers strapped to telephone poles, you will be plugged into the regular power lines. Always inform your local electric company when you will be installing your solar energy gadgets.

The energy company will call you periodically when the original electric lines need repaired. Or maybe for a simple pole change. Either way the electric that is being produced by your home's solar power generator can and will be fatal. Simply turn your inverter to complete ac power and everyone will be safe. When the repair is complete you will be contacted to reconnect your dc power source.

All in all solar power is the best known alternative with helping the global warming crisis. The heat is used up, unlike the heat that is given off from huge industrial power plants.

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