Monday, July 6, 2009

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

By Sam Reynolds

Solar swimming pool heaters have one the quickest payback times of any alternative energy investment. in my opinion, anyone who owns a swimming pool should use free energy from the sun to heat their pool.

Since most people closer pools for the winter solar pool heating systems don't need to be designed to operate in freezing weather. This makes them simpler and less expensive to construct. Depending on where you live, the payback time can be less than a year, meaning that the money you'll save compared to using gas or electricity to heat your pool will pay for the solar heater within a year.

In essence, a contemporary solar swimming pool heater is little changed from the first solar hot water heaters of the late 1800s.

Solar swimming pool heaters require little additional equipment. Pools are ready require a circulating pump and filter. With a solar system, a solar heating panel is installed rather than a gas or electric heater.

Since the pumps and filters are required anyway there is little additional cost to using a solar system. In fact the solar panels are often cheaper than a gas or electric pool heater.

Solar swimming pool heaters are relatively inexpensive because the design is so simple. the principle is simply circulating the water from the pool through a long hose exposed to the sun. Commercially made systems usually have a manifold connecting a series of channels to make the heat exchange more effective but the underlying principle is the same.

A do-it-yourselfer could make a workable solar pool heater simply by coiling a long length of black plastic piping, placing it in a sunny spot and connecting it to the pool system. if you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you could do it that way. Most pool owners use a commercially produced package.

Most people opt for ready-made systems because they tend to look neater and don't cost that much more than just buying the materials to make one yourself.

Every swimming pool owner should look into a solar swimming pool heating pays for itself very quickly and after that you save money every year while you protect the environment. Enjoy your pool, but take it easy on the environment while you do.

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