Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Should You Construct Your New Patio Out Of?

By Norm Manter

If you are going to construct a new patio or redo an old one this summer, you will have a lot of choices to make. One of the biggest choices will be to determine what type of material you want to make the patio out of.

If you are from a place that has winters and summers and the full array of temperatures associated with each, you may want to choose flagstone as the material to use. Flagstone is a very strong rock and it withstands the elements better than some of your other choices. If you have cold winters, you will need your patio to be made out of something that doesnt crack and flagstone is very sturdy. Flagstone can be bought as the real thing or as a man made material at any shop that sells stone.

Another choice you might make for your patio is to make it out of tile. A patio made out of tile will undoubtedly be a unique one as tile comes is so many colors and textures that no to patios would ever look alike. Another good reason for using tile is that it is smooth and flat, which will allow the patio furniture to sit squarely on the ground without rocking. It will also be safer because there will be no protruding parts for people to possibly trip on.

Brick is a very popular choice for patios because it is easy to construct and it looks great. Houses with brick on the outside have always looked classy and substantial and this will also be the case with your patio. The color of brick looks nice on a patio especially if it is surrounded by a garden. With the help of a friend, someone who knows little about brick will probably be able to lay the whole patio with not too much trouble which is another reason to use brick.

Finally, slate is another stone material that will give your patio a one of a kind look. Slate comes in all colors and textures that allows you to construct a patio that will look different from anything else in your neighborhood. You can most likely find slate at some of your local shops that carry stone or marble and if not, you can ask around for it at a home improvement store and they will know where to go to get it.

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