Thursday, July 2, 2009

Considerations For Picking the Most Appropriate Wind Turbine For Your Needs

By Tyler Hodger

Switching over to wind energy grants numerous benefits. However, there are many things one should consider before determining which wind turbine is the most appropriate for his needs. Ideally, one could buy a wind turbine system which can be set up and would require very little maintenance for a long period of time.

There following are attributes that need to be considered:

1. Power requirements: first and foremost, you must determine what are your power requirements. Some homes simply do not require a lot of energy while others do. This clearly affects the type of wind turbine you would be interested in.

2. Average wind speed: clearly, since wind turbines utilize the kinetic energy of the wind, the less windy the area they are placed in, the less effective it would be. A person who lives in an area with very little wind probably should not consider buying a wind turbine. Information about wind speeds for all US regions can be found online.

3. Quality: ideally, a wind turbine will be used for decades. Consequently, it is important that the system that is selected does not require a lot of maintenance. As is often the case, a high quality system offers just that.

4. Manufacturer warranty: when one offers a long period of warranty, it is a logical assumption to make that they have significant confidence that the product won't require much maintenance during this time, thus, that they believe it is a high quality product. This should be taken into consideration.

5. Brand name: brands often gain their status because of the superior quality of their product (often, but not always). Consequently, investigating specific brands might be a wise course of action. Fortunately, these days it is easier than ever by checking relevant internet forums. Additionally, asking a specialist for advice might be wise as well.

6. Asking advice from people who have gone through the process: there is no one more qualified to give an opinion than someone who has only recently been in your position. Therefore, going to online forums and asking for advice from people who have purchased certain products might be a wise strategy. They would be intimately familiar with the pros and cons of the product they purchased.

7. Setup costs: setup costs are very high (up to 40%) when dealing with wind turbine systems. These include wiring as well as structural modification to your land/roof.

8. Residential usage: some wind turbines are simply too big for usage in individuals homes. Naturally you should only consider those that can actually be used.

In our next article, we will discuss several varieties of wind turbines that can fit your specific needs.

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