Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting a Vacation Home Can Be Affordable

By Chuck R Stewart

As we sit in our urban homes, we live amid highways, strip malls, office buildings, and parking lots. But the primal part of us yearns to live among trees and water and winding woodsy roads. As we peck away at our computers, we wish we could run off to our cabin kits . Alaska is far away, but with the Alaskan cabin kit that are now available, you can build a cabin closer to home, but with the feel of an Alaskan escape. And, because its a kit, you can make it as simple or as full-featured as suits your desires and budget.

Whether you call it a cabin, a cottage, or a camp, its all the same thing. Its a small, simple house that sits in the woods. If you're fortunate, you can find a lot on a lake where you can build a dock. Imagine the pleasure of watching your kids plunge off the dock into the clear, clean water of a northern lake. With their air mattresses and swim rings, they can paddle around in the shallow water, cementing the sibling bonds and building shared memories that will nourish them when they have their own urban homes and computer jobs.

Imagine securing your boat to the other side of the dock. When the kids are big enough, you can all have the excitement of water skiing around the lake. You dont need the hugest lake in the state for the water skiing to be fun. It just has to be big enough for your boat to make large enough circles to keep the skier on the water.

Imagine sitting on the end of the dock, feet dangling in the water, with a fishing pole in your hand. Put a juicy worm or an artificial lure on the line, and toss it in. The result of some patience and a couple of beers just might be tonights supper. Whether the lake is stocked with blue gills or bass, the eatin is good! If the fish arent biting where you are sitting, throw the gear in the boat, and look for greener fish pastures. Dawn and dusk are the optimal time for fishing from a boat. And, who can say? You just might see a muskrat, beaver, or duck.

There's another important course for this fish dinner, and thats the berry pie! By late July or August, the wild raspberries and blueberries will be ripening. Grab a pan, large tin can, or bucket for you and each of your little berry pickers. Spray on the bug repellent liberally. Swab on the sunscreen. Then head out into the woods. If its been a good, warm season with plenty of rain and sun, the berries will fill your buckets quickly (of course not quickly enough for the littlest one of the crew). When the berries are sorted and washed, you can toos them between pie crusts, along with a liberal amount of sugar, and baked.

So put your dreams to work. Buy a spot on a lake shore and a cabin kit, and get building!

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