Friday, July 3, 2009

How To Build A Garden Shed Yourself And Save A Lot Of Money

By Dana Goldberg

How many stores do you have to look at before you realize the perfect shed for your backyard has not been designed yet? Most people will not find a shed that really fits all of their needs and looks great with their home, but that doesn't mean anyone should settle for less than the ideal. If you want the perfect addition to your home, you'll have to look at garden shed plans and consider building it yourself.

A shed will become a part of your home for years into the future, good or bad. Why settle for something that was designed for the mass market when you can take the creativity in your own hands and design one that is exactly what you need?

The best way to start designing your new building is to look online for free plans. Some may be available for a small fee, but start by browsing through those that are offered for free to see the different elements presented. This will give you a good idea of features you may want to include.

Many plans will tell you what types of wood and tools should be used as well as detailed instructions and tips for putting it all together.

Here are 7 things to consider as you look through these plans and start to think about your own design.

Windows: how much sunlight are you going to need in the shed? How many will you need, and where should they be placed?

Workbench: If you need one or two, how big and where should they be placed?

Roof Options: While browsing the plans look at different options for the roof. You want something that looks nice with your home and other backyard structures.

Doors: Double or single doors? Maybe doors on both ends drive-thru style?

Special Designs: are there some special ideas you want to implement? Maybe some special features that caters to your individual use of the shed?

Type: do you need a shed that will stand on its own, or one that will hook onto a larger garage or car port? Or, maybe you need just a very small tool shed or a converted chicken coop?

Overall Size: You need to measure the area it is to be located so you do not get one that is too large or small.

Looking through free garden shed plans online may lead you to the perfect building for your purposes, or it may not. If you have some creativity and time you could take different elements of different plans and come up with your own uniquely designed shed altogether.

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