Friday, July 3, 2009

Remodeling a Kitchen Can Add Value To Your Home

By Chuck R Stewart

Beginning a major home renovation while getting the highest percentage of value for that renovation. For most of us, we may choose to take on a major Huntsville kitchen remodeling to improve on the level of aesthetic appeal or to increase the home's worth to the real property to increase returns on investment. If you desire to change the design of a specific part of the home, then the work involved may be simple and straightforward. However, if you thinking of a major home renovation to add value to your property, then the renovation project may involve several major repairs, additions and upgrades that may affect major parts of your home. Such major makeovers may require you to do larger projects that would include Huntsville bathroom remodeling among others.

When you want to get the most out of every dollar you spend on your home improvement project, having a solid plan is imperative. If you are looking at aspects of the total renovation then the kitchen is the smartest investment to make. A solid plan for a Huntsville kitchen remodeling will give you as much as 100% of ROI. This is a great example why all of us should first consider the kitchen ahead of the other parts of the home in order to make the smartest renovation investment. On top of this, you get to enjoy the convenience and functionality of a kitchen upgrade.

The second best place to renovate is the bathroom. In situations where you only have one bathroom, the home improvement project may involve the conversion of an existing living space into an additional and fully upgraded bathroom. This will greatly increase the value of your home if selling your home within a few years. On the other hand, you may embark on a major Huntsville bathroom remodeling to increase the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the existing bathroom of your home. A typical Huntsville bathroom remodeling would result to about 80-90% ROI.

Studies show the bathroom and kitchen fetch the highest ROI among all the parts of your property is that several buying decisions are shaped by emotions. When a homebuyer inspects a home for sale, the primary rooms they like to inspect are the kitchen and the bathroom. An out of date kitchen and old dirty bathroom are definitely great turn offs for most homebuyers. Homebuyers will be scared away from the idea of the money, time and energy that would be needed to improve bathrooms and kitchens that are not up to par.

At this point, you may ask about the other home improvement works. Why does the principle in ROI not apply to other parts of the home as with the kitchen and the bathroom? Most homebuyers tend to be easily affected by the things that they easily see. In most instances, the condition of the major exterior things like the roofing or the exterior may not be the initial intent of buyers.

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