Monday, October 26, 2009

Are Soft Side Hot Tubs Worth the Price?

By James Singleton

The great thing about soft side hot tubs is that they can be set up anywhere you wish to put them. Soft side hot tubs can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on where you choose to use the tub. These tubs can add fun to any party or be used as an indoor tub for a more private experience. The soft side hot tubs are an excellent choice for buyers who are unsure if a hot tub is a good fit for them. Soft side hot tubs are also popular with people who rent their homes and recreational vehicle owners who want a portable easy way to enjoy hydrotherapy wherever they travel.

A soft side hot tub may be made from several materials including: vinyl with a foam core, an aluminum frame with padded side walls, and even inflatable vinyl. You choose the model that best fits your personal needs.

The soft side hot tub has enough space for up to four adults and has ample room to relax. The hot tub holds 250 gallons of heated turbojet water that is great for soothing tired muscles and rejuvenating your skin.

It takes three easy steps to set up: Inflate, plug in, and fill from a standard garden hose (not included). The accompanying motor inflates the sturdy unit in ten minutes, and a pump system includes a filter unit to make sure the re-circulated water remains fresh.

As you can see from the above mentioned description, a soft side hot tub is a great solution to space constraints while staying inside of your budget. There are quite a few companies out there on the market today that offer this product at an affordable cost. Make sure that you do your research before investing, so that you will get what you want.

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