Saturday, October 31, 2009

Power 4 Home - Solar Panels For Home Electricity

By Dave Graham

Using solar power is one way of saving energy at home. Exploring this type of energy saving device has already been known to homes for some time now. It is considered as one of the essential forms of renewable power. Installing solar panels for home electricity is quite simple and needs minor maintenance and would help you reduce your electricity bills at home.

Solar Panels For Home Electricity work by collecting the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. This is through the use of solar cells or photovoltaic which are fabricated semiconductor materials that let electrons be freed from their atoms once they are exposed to sunlight.

Electric current for the solar panels for home electricity are created by linking cells together so in order to make a solar array. The movement of the atoms are the ones responsible for generating the power. This power is then stored in deep cycle batteries or more popularly known as DC. To invert DC to Alternate current or AC to power home electric equipment, we invert the DC batteries.

You may be able to save more energy in your homes if you would start conducting a power audit initially prior to the installation or implementation of solar panels for home electricity. This helps you monitor just how much your home is consuming regularly on electric power by adding up all the power that your electrical equipment is consuming when they are on or on standby.

These information are all you need to know to be able to start on building your own solar panels for home electricity. This will give you a hint on the number of batteries you will be needing for the whole power system in order to meet the power demands of your home. Not only that, this tip would be useful in getting to have an idea of how big of an array you will be needing in the first place.

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