Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magniwork - Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine

By Dave Graham

For as long as we can remember, our planet has sustained us with almost everything we need, including power. But the population on earth continues to grow, and mankind continues to consume more and more energy. It may be scary but inevitable to think that eventually the earth will no longer be able to sustain what mankind needs in terms of power. Thus, people are always looking for alternative ways to harness energy aside from the fossil fuels that we commonly depend upon for energy. Two of the most popular alternative energy sources today are the sun and the wind. But the new source of energy that is currently rising in popularity comes from Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine.

Taken literally, the term perpetual motion refers to movement that goes on forever. However, the term more commonly refers to any device or system that perpetually or indefinitely produces more energy than it consumes, resulting in a net output of energy for an indefinite period of time.

A perpetual motion energy motor is a device that is so powerful that it can provide energy to an entire house because it can power up to 7,000 watts. It is a device used as an alternative for power source by converting energy into electricity. The only reason that these power motors are called perpetual is because they can run up to 400 years. In reality, no individual can live that long.

A magnetic perpetual motion machine works through the properties of a magnet. As you may well be aware of, the fundamental law of magnets is that opposite poles attract and like poles repel. This machine creates a dual attraction and allows a third magnet to pull the different sides of the other two. These repelling and attracting forces generate rotational motion inside an electric permanent magnet motor.

For quite some time, sunlight and wind have been able to produce energy. Now, magnets are able to provide energy and electrical power too.

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