Friday, October 16, 2009

Steel Building Customer Service

By Chris Dotson

Jack Speer, Bizwatch Publisher, in the contents of his article labeled "What Is The Definition of Customer Service" definitely comes with a definition of a standard of customer service that most if not all companies that provide residential and commercial prefabricated steel buildings should try to obtain.

Mr. Speer defines customer service as follows..."Excellent customer service is the process by which your organization delivers its services or products in a way that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective, and humanly satisfying and pleasurable manner possible."

In all my years working for prefabricated steel building companies, you would be amazing at how many customer service issues can arise when providing a steel building. Not that there is problems when say signing the paper work nor the delivery of the building its self or the customer's assembly of the building. There is just so many steps and procedures that during the whole process that the customer needs to be clarified on.

The prefab steel building salesman takes the brunt of answering potential customers' questions right off the bat during the initial sales call. But once the customer purchases his metal barn, there are so many possible questions that this one customer can have throughout the entire process. From questions like "when will I get my drawings" to "what's the best kind of insulation to use for prefab steel buildings", sometimes it seems that the questions never stop. That's where a clear and concise "frequently asked questions" page on the steel building company's website comes in very handy.

When companies that sell prefabricated steel buildings strive to achieve the level of customer service as defined above by Mr. Speer, the result of happy customers is not the only benefit that can be attained.

Since this customer had such a great experience when receiving their metal barn, they will let their friends know about the great work done by your company. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of advertising while at the same time one of the cheapest. Here is a customer testimonial provided from their great experience when purchasing their steel buildings from Price A Building:

"We would like to thank you and your staff at Price A Building for the building that I purchased through your company. The process from the first phone call making the purchase to keeping me informed clear through to the final delivery date went very smooth."

"The steel frame building package was labeled clearly making it quite simple to follow with the engineered drawings plans and building manual. I had never erected a steel building before and in six days three of us had completed the framing of a 40'x60'x16' tall building. Thanks again, we look forward to enjoying our added space."

Danny & Dana Cutler, Commerce City, CO

Yes in a perfect world all customers will be 100% satisfied. So remember having a great and caring customer service department is key when you are buying a steel building.

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