Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Tale Of An All-Around Successful House Renovation Project

By Connor Sullivan

When I bought my first house in Chicago, I was really happy to have an old house and the ability to fix it up to make it the way I wanted it to be. After I bought the house, I looked through the web to find a western suburbs handyman who could help me with the huge remodeling project I was about to take on. Finally, I was able to locate someone who had a whole page dedicated to a western suburbs bathroom he had helped someone complete recently and I knew he was the guy for the job. So, I called to tell him about my project and we quickly made an appointment for him to take a look at the house to give an estimate.

Frank, the handyman, came over a few days after I bought the house and he said he would be thrilled to assist with the job. I told him I wanted to completely re-do the kitchen by replacing the sink, cabinets, the floors, and the countertops. I also told him I would like to paint the walls in the living room. Finally, I explained that I also needed assistance with replacing some fixtures, replacing the shower, and repainting the bathroom. Frank said that it should take around three weeks for the project to be complete. So, after the meeting I got to work looking for the supplies I needed for my project.

After the meeting, I drove over to a home improvement store to buy everything I would need for the project. I bought many types of paint colors, new light fixtures, new countertops, new wood floors, cabinets, and I arranged to have the floors, cabinets, and a new shower delivered the following week.

For the first week, Frank and I worked on the kitchen because that was the room that would take the most time. We started by painting first, then we uninstalled the ancient countertops. Next, we put the cabinets in place and then installed the fresh granite countertops. The end of the kitchen project came when we replaced the entire floor with new wood flooring to take the place of the old linoleum.

The second week we worked on redecorating the living room. Since the room was so large, it took just over forty-eight hours to complete the paint job. Frank also helped me put in a few new fixtures and he made small improvements to the living room when Frank found any minor issues while painting the room.

The third week was the final week of the project and we finished the bathroom. Frank installed the new shower without my help, then he helped install the fresh sink. Finally, Frank also aided with painting the bathroom after everything else had been installed.

I really enjoyed working with Frank, the handyman, because he always went above and beyond his job description by helping me replace and fix anything that needed fixing along the way. During the home improvement work, Frank and I became great friends and remain so to this day. I am very glad I decided to remodel my new home because I able to make a new friend and create the home of my dreams in just three weeks.

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