Monday, October 26, 2009

Massage Chairs Render Multiple Super Treatments

By Sloane Doting

You can now find a variety of many different therapeutic treatments and massage chairs. It is quite extraordinary how technology has advanced to the point of us being able to receive effective massage therapy. Massage chairs perform a variety of full body massage treatments but also now have supplemental features.

It is truly amazing how fast massage chairs are evolving. In addition to simple vibration, massage chair is now incorporated the ability to make movements and three dimensions. This enables them to penetrate more effectively on parts of the body like the back and shoulders.

Could you use a nice and relieving shiatsu massage? Massage chairs have the capability to perform shiatsu massage as well as many others. It is normal to find a number of massage techniques such as Swedish, reflexology, deep tissue and sports massage.

The technology of the massage chair comes together into its remote control. The remote control provides a panel in which to choose your massage options. Their is anAnd LCD provided to show you the status of the massage as it progresses.

Need a customized massage? Massage chairs and give you various options to customize the massage to meet your specific needs. Needs change over time and you need the flexibility to adjust the massage accordingly. Massage chairs give you the flexibility and convenience to set the programs you want when you need it.

Even sophisticated massages like shiatsu are now performed in today's advanced massage recliners. Shiatsu requires the stimulation of acupoints. Massage chairs are able to scan the almost 100 acupoints on your body and systematically target them.

Stretching systems are now finding their way into massage chairs. There are now capabilities to stretch the lower body while seated in the massage chair. This is very relieving for the tight muscles of your legs. A gentle stretching and pulling action helps to improve range of motion and restore elasticity.

There are a number of massage chairs that are now utilizing heat in their chairs. Heat is an excellent way to bring comfort to the body. Whether it is for relaxing or for applying heat to reduce swelling, massage chairs give you the ability to apply heat where it is needed.

An important feature for relaxation is an MP3 music player with headphones. The best massage chairs incorporate music to help the individual relax. Music is one of the best ways to distract and calm the mine allowing the massage to better penetrate the body.

Reflexology foot massage is a great way to relax both the feet and the entire body. Massage chairs incorporate either reflexology plates or reflexology nodes. Both of these systems trigger the acupoints of the feet to help with full body relaxation. Specialized massage is provided to the feet to relieve aches and pains.

Massage chairs help you with the application of soft tissue manipulation. This helps to reduce stress and fatigue while improving circulation. Many different massage techniques can be applied to provide relief and different areas of the body.

Massage chairs are great for everyday relaxation. The convenience of receiving any quick five minute massage when you most need it is wonderful. By relaxing your body and mind this helps to bring your total health back into a better balance.

Many people simply don't realize the number of therapeutic options available and massage chairs. Technology is advancing rapidly and these recliners are becoming more sophisticated every day. This is excellent for consumers as they get more value for their money. Massage chairs are a practical and convenient way to get regular massage therapy in your home or office.

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