Monday, October 12, 2009

Application of Electro-Magnetic Combination Lock Box

By Benedict Perez

The combination lock box is very important especially in the real estate business particularly to a realtor or a house owner for the security and safety of the property which is subject to sale. There are several types of these devices and these can be wall-mounted or portable type which can be kept secured by the use of keys or codes. This storage bin comes in various sizes and shapes with many different models and designs to choose from to suit your needs.

This particular storage bin can contain up to five keys for house, car, or shed padlock, and more which can be neatly organized through its compartments provided within. As soon as your mountable key holder has been properly installed, you can instantly create your own code which is easy to remember. You can mount a combination lock box on any wall for accessible to you and never be locked out again. This carries with it the necessary hardware for mounting to allow easy attachment to any wall.

The combination lock box is secured by a personalized code with at least four or more dials that you can readily create. It offers up to one thousand combinations for easy and convenience in the adjustments or changes of codes for your optimum security. This is very common among realtors with some properties negotiable for sale. They can change the code anytime especially if the previous owner has an access to the code to protect the interest of the new house owner.

This is very applicable to doors which can be used as ingress or egress in case of emergency or during calamity outbreaks. The use of electro-magnetic combination lock box must also be considered especially for areas where people usually converge. Application of electro-magnetic combination lock box covers hospitals, office buildings, mass transit station, airports and doors with restricted access for security reasons.

The key bin is generally built with strong and pure metal to be rust-free for long lasting performance. This key storage bin is usually constructed from sturdy, die-cast zinc with fortified steel shackle to ensure long-term endurance and reliability. A storage bin that keeps the important keys of your house must be one that is tamper-proof to ensure security and safety of the property concerned with a combination lock box.

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