Thursday, October 15, 2009

Easy Floor Cleaning

By Lala Rainie

Would it be nice to go home with clean floors? Who would not want to have clean floors? How can I clean my floors with no sweat? Well I am going to answer all those questions that may have come across on your mind right now.

Nowadays we have hectic schedules and we have difficulty cleaning the floors properly. Each floor type has different approach to clean it properly. There are floor type that is easy to maintain. But some floor type demands more attention to clean them correctly. So, it would matter on what floor type you have. To easily clean and polish your floors follow these steps below:

Brick floors is the first one I'll discuss. It is a porous material that needs to be sealed with solvent-base wax and commercial sealer. When there is a wax build up after some time remove it through a scrub brush with wax-stripping preparation. When the floor is sealed then clean it by using a damp-mopped soak in a cup of vinegar and pail of water. Then mopped the floor after you soaked the mop with the mixture.

Concrete floors needs little cleaning if its sealed. If its unsealed then remove the dirt with a vacuum or sweeper. Then clean the floor with a mop soaked with strong cleaning solution.

Slate floors is another type of natural stone flooring that has to be cleaned by using a damp-mop with all-purpose cleaning solution.

A terazzo floor is a durable material which is very good to be the floor type of your home. The terazzo floors are cleaned by soaking with an all-purpose solution and warn water the mop. Then after soaking it mopped the floor then dry it with a clean towel.

Floor cleaning Quarry tile floors is done by soaking a mop with a mixture of water and vinegar. Even if Quarry tile floors are quite expensive but still they are durable.

Marble floors are expensive floors that is used also on walls and countertops. Marble floors are cleaned by the use of a damp-mopped with all purpose solution and water. Polishing a Marble floor is done by applying a water base wax that gives the marble floor its shine back.

Vinyl floors are easily maintained. You only need to clean the floor by washing it with all-purpose cleaning solution and dry it with clean towel.

Linoleum floor is cleaned easily with a simple vacuuming and damp-mopping. This type of floor is very durable and no challenge to be cleaned.

Asphalt tile is a very resilient material to oil, solvents, and abrasive cleaning solutions. But this tile can be easily cleaned through damp-mopping the floor every week.

There are many material and equipments used in floor cleaning. These are the mop, vacuum cleaner, and all-purpose cleaning products. Mostly the floor types that I discussed needs only simple floor cleaning. Marble floors should be polished to really see the effect of these floor type to anyone who sets foot on it. It is essential to seal some floor types so that you can clean it easily. Floor cleaning is very easy if you follow the directions I had given above and you will have clean floors.

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