Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why You Need a Hydroponics Greenhouse

By Sarah Duke

People who take up hydroponic gardening will commonly begin by setting up their growing space in the basement or an unused room. However most folks would not be willing to permit their hydroponic garden to overtake the house. So if you plan on carrying on with hydroponic gardening, you ought to think about getting a greenhouse for your plants.

A greenhouse creates an ideal setting for a hydroponic garden in many ways. In a greenhouse, it is much less difficult to maintain just the right conditions for a growing garden. It's less challenging to regulate the ventilation, temperature and lighting. Moreover, you need plenty of room in order to install the irrigation and lighting systems that are needed for hydroponic gardening. A greenhouse makes it possible to locate this equipment where it will be most useful. Since this isn't a regular garden, the control of light and water becomes a main concern.

The key benefit of a greenhouse for hydroponics has to do with the light. When you grow plants hydroponically, it's critical that they get sufficient amounts of light. Although if there is too much light, algae will thrive, and this isn't something that's desirable. However when you use a greenhouse, it works to filter and disperse sunlight automatically. It's even possible to regulate the lighting level and angle of sunlight with blinds or shutters. Less energy consumption is another advantage as you won't have to continually run the hydroponic lights.

When you have a greenhouse, you'll see that the system for providing nutrients to your plants is easier to set up and maintain. This is very important to the well being of your hydroponic garden. Because your plants aren't growing in soil, the pH levels are more liable to variation. The reason you will see variations in alkalinity and acidity is because they are both water based. With a greenhouse, it's easy to implement an automated system of pH control, which gives you a break from forever monitoring the levels.

The temperature reading is also vital when it comes to hydroponic gardening. The temperatures for your garden can be kept in an acceptable range in a properly built greenhouse without the use of heaters, even in a cooler climate. If your area of the country gets cold but still has lots of sunshine, you will find that your greenhouse does just fine in the winter. If necessary you can put in a ventilation system that will help manage the temperature.

While many greenhouses can be purchased in packages, you also have the option of building one of your own. You can find them in a wide array of styles and dimensions. There are also styles that will accommodate expansion if you decide to boost the size of your indoor garden. These are convincing reasons to think about building a greenhouse to showcase your hydroponic garden.

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