Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Guide For A Bay Window Installation

By Joe Harrell

An existing window can be replaced by a bay window to bring in the charm of the breathtaking beauty that is seen from your window. Bay windows not only increase the space in a room but also adds to the ambiance of the room. There are two ways of installing bay windows. In the first way, the frame of the existing window is replaced by the new bay window frame. These window frames are straightforward to install and moreover the price of installing bay windows of this sort is cheaper than the second kind of installation. In the second way or technique, the bay windows are to be installed together with the required flooring and ceiling which is sort of a costly option. Let us discuss the way to install a bay window. Here we are debating about the first method of installation as discussed above.

Step 1 The foremost step is to understand the norms of the local central authority and accordingly plan for installing a bay window. Thenext thing is to decide the size and style of bay window that you want to install. It's a smart move to select the style and size, taking into account that it is a DIY job. If you would like to install a bay window at a height higher than the 1st floor, it is suggested to get the installation done from a professional.

Step 2 Now you have decided the spot where you wish to install the bay window and the kit for installing the bay windows, take measurements of the window frame. Mark the outline of the windows as per the dimensions of the new bay window.

Step 3 The kit of a bay window typically is composed of the windows, the head boards and the seat windows. Before installation, read thru the instruction pamphlet that comes along with the kit. The existing windows and the frames must be uninstalled before installation of the new bay windows. You have to gather all of the necessary material needed for the installation.

Step 4 The windows in the kit are assembled according to the instructions. The dimensions of the window opening must be checked and accordingly the window frame must be installed with help from a toenail. The window frames are positioned with assistance from screws.

Step 5 It is suggested that during installation, you have somebody to help you because the bay windows are heavy. The windows are placed in the frame with the help of shims and you should make sure that the window is positioned at the required level of the window frame.

Step 6 The next step of installing bay windows is to install the head boards and attach them securely with the aid of screws. After this, the next task is installing insulating film between the rooftop and top of the bay window. Attach the shingles to the headboard of the bay window and secure the edges of the rooftop with a metal strip.

Step 7 The bottom side of the window frame is filled with fiberglass insulation and you need to attach the bottom skirt frame to the window frame from outside. The bay window is given a support by attaching a diagonal support wooden rod so that it can carry the weight of the window.

These are the steps for how to install a bay window. Installing bay windows is a little more tricky than the installation of ordinary windows. Somebody should assist you in the window replacement. After installation, you can read Bay Window Treatment ideas and Decorating Tips for decorating your bay window.

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