Monday, October 19, 2009

The Secret Art Of Decorating Your Baby's Room

By Alice Procter

We all know them - those parents who just seem to effortlessly create the perfect nursery environment: a decoration scheme that is both stimulating and relaxing for the baby, a place where any parent would want to spend time with their bundle of joy. So what's their secret? The answer is there is no secret. It all comes down to knowing a few tricks of the trade. Here they are:

The first thing these successful parent-interior designers do is to spend time looking at all the options. It may seem like they have left everything to the last minute, but really they have done some research throughout the course of the pregnancy. We have all had the experience of waking up the morning after making a big decision, and realising that we needed to rethink things, or just modify the decision. So spend a little time thinking it through.

The second reason that some people always seem to succeed with this area is because they are determined to think outside the box. They make the decision to steer clear of the stereotypical decoration scheme: teddy bears, fluffy animals, Disney wall friezes - the list is endless. It's easier than you might think to create a designer themed nursery using little more than a nursery wall mural and a few clever touches.

Thirdly, baby interior design wizards understand that nursery decoration can actually aid visual development. Newborn vision is very poor, and needs a bit of a helping hand. Just as a ship lost at sea needs a lighthouse to guide it, so a young infant loves clashing colors and contrasting patterns.

Therefore if you want to create the best interior for your little one, include some vivid designs and images full of primary colors. He will love it!

The final success factor in unique baby decor is striking a balance between these striking visuals and a more sedate color scheme. Pale colors may be dull, but are essential as a backdrop to the more out-of-the-box features described above. The nursery needs to be a calm place as well as an interesting one.

To sum up, those people who just get it right when it comes to baby nursery decoration are only following a set of relatively simple design and developmental rules. You too can create a really unique decorating scheme by doing the same.

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