Thursday, October 29, 2009

Basements Can Be Used For Many Things

By Sam Innis

Anyone looking for ways to get some added space in their home should not overlook the basement. Some houses have unfinished basements that are unused and can be remodeled to become any type of room that is needed. Most local contractors can remodel your basement to make it a fully functioning room in your house that the whole family will enjoy using.

People are using their basements for things such as wine cellars, bars, game rooms, offices, guest rooms, and many other exciting alternatives. The basement might be cold and damp now but with some work and money it can become another valuable room in your house and in the process add monetary value to your home. When buying a house, people are much more likely to buy one that has a fully functioning finished basement over one that doesnt. So, when you are thinking of home improvement projects, you might start with your basement and see what kind of interesting ideas you have.

When you are remodeling or finishing your basement, you are going to have to decide what color or colors to use. The color you paint the walls is important in any room of the house but especially so in the basement. This is because basements are usually dark as they lack the natural light that comes through from windows.

The best basement color ideas will bring life to the room in what would otherwise be a dark and dreary space. When choosing your basement colors, know that reds, yellows, and oranges are upbeat colors and bring energy to a room. The greens, blues, and blacks all do much the opposite and could create a sullen basement space if used improperly. The type of lightning you choose can also enhance the colors you ultimately pick and if you put the two together nicely, your basement could be the hit room of the house.

Basements are secluded from the rest of the house and so they can be made into rooms that you can make a little noise in and not bother the rest of the house. If you are a musician or just like music, you might consider turning your basement into some sort of a music room. Likewise, you could also put in noisy tools in the basement if you like woodworking and making things as you will be less likely to disturb the rest of the house. Take this opportunity to turn your basement into a room you truly want and can use for many years to come.

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