Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Few Rationales Why A Fence May Be Needed

By Connor Sullivan

For a few people, having a fence between neighbors' homes isn't very neighborly, and shows condescension or even dislike. A fence circling the yard seems to express, "Don't intrude", "Keep off my life", or perhaps, "I don't want to socialize with you". But fortunately some people' is not the greater part, and most would say a home's perimeter fence particularly certain styles of CT fences serves important functions that overbalance the apparently negative suggestions. Several of these positive functions of CT Fencing are:

Property delineation A fence marks the authoritative boundaries of a property so there are no disagreements that may cause unfriendly actuations with any party. This is much more important should the property change owners and property limits need to be defined correctly. And you can always tell when an trespasser has entered your property even in the dead of the night.

Well-being and security In some areas, crocodiles have been known to seek shelter in garages when no fences are erected. In other locales, possibly cougars, coyotes and starving bears. But in most, the neighbor's canines, out to dump some fertilizer in your backyard. It is not detrimental, but annoying nevertheless.

If you have a pool, you would not want the neighbors' kids wandering into it without permission or adult supervision, something difficult to keep without a fence. Ditto if there are poisonous plants in your property like fox-glove, oleander and others. Or, if you grow some exotic and unusual plants you of course do not want them damaged, which is probable from intruding dogs or careless children. With a fence, such things don't occur.

Preservation of discretion It can be amusing ----but only for a little time that as soon as you brush your teeth and look out the kitchen window you see your neighbor brushing his teeth and staring at you from out his window. So you will not want other people seeing you acting your thing, guiltless or not, when unnecessary. The old-fashioned Chinese erect high fences around their property for this very thing: privacy. People wish to live their own existence their way.

Value addition A beautiful and sturdy fence can add aesthetic and financial worth to a piece of property so that the fence turns into an investment. Fences of steel, stone, concrete or natural stuff can add to the look of a particular property. English mansions usually have concrete or stone fences; housing development homes have vinyl, polymer or wood panel fences, while the Japanese use bamboo or wood slats to set their gardens special. Although bamboo does not endure comparatively long, it increases much artistic value to the garden and thus cherished.

A fence is akin to a picture frame: it defines but improves the looks of a property. A formal garden less a fence will appear like an error in a meadow; or, worse, a misplaced statement of a desired life. A fence can limit a vista, correct, but it can also create a world in its precincts. Perhaps alimited world, but a private one created to your meanings and desires.

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