Thursday, October 29, 2009

How To Have A Beautiful Home For Less

By Qvardor Eslenta

The workplace is where one develops migraine, tension headache and stress. That is why it is not unusual to hear people scurrying to the Bundy clock as soon as the bell rings because they simply want to escape from it all. At the end of the long and stressful day, all they want is to lie back and lift their legs for a relaxation period in their house. Too bad if the house that one is looking forward to arrive in is in a state of disarray. The sight of a messy living room coupled with the stench of unwashed laundry is not at all pleasing. In fact, it makes one eager to spend the night in a nameless hotel just to escape the additional household chore.

It is a given that with the ongoing economic crisis, not everyone has the opportunity to employ a cleaning assistant. Fortunately, there are still ways to make your home look good without wasting much money. Be prepared to tap into your creativity so that your interior designing skills will be utilized. Who knows? Your skills may result into wonderful outcomes and you might even consider a career in home designing like Marta Stewart. This way, you will not hire an expert interior designer anymore, thereby saving on professional fees and other extra charges.

The succeeding paragraphs are tried and tested tips to give a touch of style to your home .Use them so that the dream home you aspire for will come into reality.

First of all, when thinking of home improvement jobs, don't hesitate to ask for help from reliable family members and friends who are not that busy. If they can't be around to provide you with manpower, they can at least give you suggestions on where to buy your stuff. It helps if they have a solid base of knowledge regarding the work that you asked help for. An example would be electrical wire insulation, repainting tasks and plumbing needs. Though they won't charge you a fee, giving them a token of gratitude will be appreciated. It could be in the form of food, material thing that they need or you can always offer your help if ever they are the ones who need it.

Second, buy products from second hand stores or flea markets. You may also consider surplus shops and bargain stores. With the current state of the economy today, it is not that embarrassing to be seen in places where you can save money. In fact, it has become the norm because people are now more money conscious than ever. Prepare to haggle so that you can get a bigger price reduction from the seller. There are a lot of choices that still look great if you know how to scrutinize the items in a meticulous manner. Use your keen eye in spotting the shabby and whimsy chic from the totally shabby ones.

Third, utilize all the colors of the rainbow to make your house look more interesting. The walls may be painted in vivid hues like yellow, pink, green and orange. If you prefer wallpapers, there are floral and animal prints to suit your fancy. Decorative pieces like throw pillows in various shades are also cute displays.

Flowering plants will also be an added visual treat as well as environmental warrior because it promotes the oxygenation in the room and the removal of the carbon dioxide. A small cactus with interesting features can also increase the style factor in your house a few notches higher when placed in the living room or in the entryway.

Now who says that making your home look gorgeous need a huge sum of money? With the right attitude and design, you can see your house look great in as little as few weeks.

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