Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tips For Dating A Taiwanese Woman

By Richard Brown

Are you looking to date a Taiwanese girl? Have you failed to impress her in the past? Well, you need to understand that their cultural heritage influences their thoughts. They are a different species and not like European or American girls.

Many men may have dated a Taiwanese woman once but they are not able to get past it. They do not know what to do next. Even as the western culture has influenced Asians, they still have their own aspirations that need to be understood to get success.

Do not do what all others are doing. Do not praise her looks a lot. Have a good sense of humor but do not overdo it. Try to talk to her and get her started talking about herself. You just need to start the conversation.

A Taiwanese girl will feel more comfortable talking to you if you talk to other Taiwanese girls. So make more Asian friends and talk to them. She will get attracted towards you.

They will love to talk about their family. So ask her about her family members especially her younger brother, if she has one. Family bonds are stronger in Asian families and they have greater respect for each other. She will always love to talk about her family.

Initially she may try to test you by asking you something to see whether you are just looking for it or not. You should try to be honest and refuse her for a few times. At the same time, you should be sincere to her and respect her feelings that she values a lot.

This is all you can do to impress a Taiwanese woman. She is from a different cultural background and so you have to treat her differently. You will definitely get success if you follow the above tips.

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