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Why You Should Have a Residence In One Of Townhomes in Plano TX

By Nathanael Caminos

In Plano TX, living conditions are great and outstanding that it created a buzz in America and other countries in the field of real estate industry. Townhomes in Plano have many available slots that are yet to be occupied.

As early as 1980, Plano TX has been established here and it achieve the reputation it deserved. Plano TX has been offering residents and fellow newcomers job opportunities such as gristmill works, sawmills and general store works. That's what drive them to settle to this place long ago and still is, right up to this day.

The city of Plano was named after the Spanish word that meant 'flat,' because of the extensive terrains and plain areas. Through the growth of railroads, the population grew pretty fast. Plano was an exciting place to live even back then and has always given its residents a feeling of growth, expansion and promise. In 1881 the entire business district was destroyed by fire and restored again. The newly build town was beautiful and the businesses continued to expand and profit well From these humble beginnings, the business district then grew to the thriving district that it is today. As a suburb of Dallas, Plano was one of the slowest areas to achieve growth historically. But over time, this changed drastically

Now Plano TX is one of the most successful and popular cities to move in the Northern part of TX. Residents in Plano appreciate and compliment this city for its capabilities to give comfort and also because of the awesome neighborhood. Located in Collin Country, families and single people consider Plano, TX as one of the most desirable suburbs in Dallas.

Townhomes in Plano provide affordable options for home buyers that are just starting their business and careers, though Plano is considered as a very high end place to live. The 2000 census acknowledged Plano as the ninth largest town in TX making it an exciting dwelling place. The number of residents grew even larger in 2008 and became one of the most populated cities in American making truly exciting and there are lots of people and activities to become involved with.

Plano is considered to be part of Dallas and Fort Worth. Locals call this area the Metroplex. Nationally this area consistently places within the top twenty places to live in the United States every year by more than one publication or listing.

CNN Money deemed Plano as the absolute best place to live in Western America in 2005.

There are many companies that have their headquarters in the Metroplex. Townhomes in Plano TX provide excellent access for employees in these areas. The thriving business community provides a lot of job opportunities for local residents, while at the same time providing relocation opportunities for many families all over the country. Some of the countries that call the Metroplex home are Electronic Data Systems, Frito-Lay, Rent-A-Center, Cinemark Theatres, UGS, Crossmark, Perot Systems and Dr. Pepper.

The schools and the education in Plano are desirable for many parents as well. Many of the townhomes in Plano TX are single family homes and great for families with kids and pets. Austin Waters has many townhomes that are strategically located to provide the right home location so your child can be zoned to attend the ideal school.

Plano schools are known for preparing students well for continuing education and the drop-out rate is really very low. Maybe this is because many of the children come from privileged backgrounds. Whatever the cause, this is great news for the relocating parent.

In Plano TX, you can find the right place to call home whether for single family or for those individuals who are relocating. Condo properties are also available.

For many years now, Austin Waters is a property that has been serving Plano residents and Plano newcomers in terms of their real estate needs. Plano residents have been situated near the Metroplex market by Austin Waters for their home needs. For more information about the wonderful life in Plano, TX and the Metroplex, visit , the Austin Waters web site.

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