Friday, October 30, 2009

Potted Rose or Bareroot Rose: Decisions, Decisions.

By Max Minton

When purchasing roses you have an option of buying a potted rose or a bareroot rose. So which one is right for you? Here we will discuss bareroot roses and why this may be the best choice for your garden.

When you go shopping for a bareroot rose you will likely find it to be less impressive to look at. It typically comes bagged or boxed and when you look at it, it will appear pretty plain. You will likely see some roots and stems and some sort of moisture retaining material around the roots to keep them moist.

This appearance is nothing to be concerned about. The bareroot rose is a dormant plant so it is not likely to resemble the beautiful roses you may have been envisioning.

Buying a dormant rose has it's advantages. The roots typically have not been tightly clustered together so they are likely to be in better condition than the roots of a potted rose. This means they will likely be ready to go directly into the ground.

Since you are purchasing a dormant plant, you will also be able to put it into the ground earlier in the planting season without much concern. You should be able to plant a bareroot rose as soon as the soil is soft enough for you to work with. Depending upon your region of the country, that will usually mean early to mid spring.

The cost of bareroot roses is also a plus. Typically you can purchase bareroot roses much cheaper than potted ones. The savings could mean you have the option of buying more plants for the same amount of money, enabling you to create a thicker, fuller looking hedge or boundary plant.

So, the next time you are at your favorite garden supply store, or shopping online, don't shy away from the bareroot roses just because their appearance may leave something to be desired. There are benefits to these roses and with a little love and attention they will soon be growing strong and looking beautiful in your garden.

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