Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learn About What Crabgrass Is

By Neoma Archer

What could be the worst thing that you would not want to happen to your lawn or your garden? There may be different answers for different people. One may think that they would not want drought to happen. Another may look at insects as their worst enemy. On another note, another person may point at weeds as the worst thing that their lawn or garden may experience. Weeds can be really a nuisance. As long as there is still some root and a good leaf there, weeds can still continue to grow and you will have to tackle them over again.

Crabgrass is one of the weeds that is common in lawns or gardens. You should be aware if you have such because it can mar the look of the grass you have planted. Though this weed may look like orchard grass, you will notice the difference because they grow in patches. They will also have side branches which have wide leaves that spread out to form a star (at least in shape). And then you will also see that this weed has wide leaves and branches.

The best period for crabgrass falls during the months of July and August. This period is known as their peak time. With that, crabgrass is also known as a summer annual grass. But before the weed blooms during this time, you can actually make sure that it does not get to that point. What you can do is take out your chosen herbicide. Choose a pre-emergent one so that the seeds of the weed do not germinate and so the weed does not grow.

You will notice that the crabgrass grows in a lot of places during its peak period. You can find it growing on the sidewalk and even between the cracks on the street. When you see them growing, this should serve as a reminder to you that you should start your crabgrass treatment so that they would not grow that much on your lawn or garden.

Now if you are afraid that the herbicide may be harming not only the crabgrass but your grass and other plants as well, then you have an option. The thing is, you have to wait for the weed to grow before you can actually attack it. See, when the weed is already growing and showing itself, then you can attack it by hand. Just use your favorite weeding tool and do the work manually. But that does not mean that there may not be roots or seeds left behind. There is always next year to actually see if you have totally been able to eradicate it or not.

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