Monday, October 12, 2009

The Steps For Evaluating A roofing Company

By Elijah Jackson

A professional roofing contractor is a little hard to find these days. Many of the contractors have become very savvy and all appear to be creditable. They use computers and printers to make documents which makes it hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

The process for choosing a company may be tedious. There are companies such as Home Reports that have done the home work for you. These companies evaluate a roofing contractor on many different levels and if the company does not make the cut, then they will not be in the directory.

When getting an estimate it should be very neat and easily readable. A bunch of poorly written gibberish is a sign that the roofing work will probably be the same. There should be a local address for the business to operate from on a daily basis. If they do not have such as place, I would go on to the next candidate.

The contractor should not have any claims pending against them in the court of law. Check the background of any company that you are considering for roofing services. It is not a good idea to engage in business without doing your due diligence.

Choose a roofing contractor that has a good reputation in the community. If they have been in business for over a decade without any incidents, then you are on the right track to hiring a great roofing company. Look at your local newspaper for archived articles to see if they have any complaints from the community. How they handle conflict and resolution is a great form of measurement.

Finally, you should ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Most roofing contractors that are in business for any length of time will have proper insurance coverage. Confirm that your name and address has been placed on the certificate. Call the insurance company and confirm coverage as well. Good luck.

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