Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cubicle Furniture: Providing Flexibility to Business

By Roger Powell

Flexibility is extremely important in today's business world. Your company needs to meet every need of the employees, making sure they are comfortable and in an environment where they are at ease. However, as a business owner, you also need to keep down costs and be able to change plans when you need to. It is primarily for this purpose that cubicles and cubicle furniture have become so popular, because it meets the requirements for both the employees and the business owner.

The reason you should be concerned with your employees comfort level is that this will increase their productivity. Typically, an employee will have to deal with whatever the original installation was in any given office. If your company takes over a building that was originally used for a different industry, then adaptation is hard. Cubicle furniture makes adaptation easy, because cubicle furniture is adjustable, so you can change things depending on each individual and each working environment.

Most businesses struggle with the requirements to make their work place accessible to employees with disabilities. People in wheelchairs have a lot of trouble using a standard sized desk. Luckily, with the adaptability of the cubicle office, it completely eliminates the added expense for accommodating disabled workers.

Each piece of cubicle furniture is independently placed according to the worker's needs. Desks, shelving and filing can be attached to the cubicle wall via brackets, so no particular setup is permanent. Cubicles can be adjusted to accommodate just about any work environment. Making the change takes your maintenance department a matter of minutes.

Cubicles not only provide ease, using them is also more cost effective that using a typical office setup. With cubicle furniture, there is no need to completely remodel whenever you want a new office design. It will also allow for the complete eliminate used and old cabinets and furniture, which often cause disruption or complete shutting down of work. Walls are also usually torn out whenever there is a need to accommodate a new office requirement. This type of large expense and disruption is also eliminated by cubicles.

You can quickly disassemble and reassemble your cubicle furniture if you have any changes. If you typically take on more people during the holiday period or during summers, you can easily manage this, and then take down the extra spaces after the fully staffed period.

An additional benefit you receive from cubicle furniture is the simplicity of the system. You can have any number of possible set ups, including small desks to complex structures. Some employees will only need a desk for a computer, while others will need shelves and filing trays. These are all viable possibilities when you use cubicle furniture, as you can even create conference areas and larger spaces for managers. You can choose from various heights in cubicle walls, so privacy and sound buffering options are up to you.

Because every business is aware of its bottom line, it is necessary to keep an eye on the expenses and overhead of running your office. However, cutting corners will often result in decreased productivity and a less pleasant work environment. Planning a flexible workspace with cubicle furniture can not only save you money, but allow your employees to customize their work area to their own specifications.

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