Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Farming and Agricultural Careers Rely Depend On Quality Fencing To Keep Their Animals and Crops Safe

By Connor Sullivan

Certain kinds of jobs need specific things for it to run smoothly and run well. One type of example is the job of a farmer and all of the various equipment they need to do well in their business. For example a Richardson fence or Plano fences are used to keep livestock such as hogs and pigs or even cattle from getting away . If you have an agricultural or fruit and vegetable farm that grows crops of food , a different type of a fence Plano TX may be used to keep the crops separate from one another . And finally, if you have an equestrian farm and train horses, fences are imperative to keep the horses corralled in different parts of the ring or stable.

Farmers that raise animals such as hogs or cattle for a living need large structures to keep the animals in specific areas . Their barns also have to have different types of fencing depending on the location on the farm. For example , out in the pasture, usually barbed wire fencing is seen to keep the animals from breaking through the fence since they are physically capable of that . Closer to the farm, aluminum or steel barrier kind of fences are used to corral the animals in places to eat, rest , etc. Without the various fences, farmers would not be able to contain their animals and would have to build more expensive buildings to house all of them which may be too expensive .

The other type of farmer that deals mainly in food and crops must have fences to not to keep their animals in but rather to keep stray animals out so they do not eat all of their crops. This is particularly true for the farmers that are organic and do not use any type of pesticides or spray to deter bugs and animals off of their crops. Strong fences are the best to do this. Depending on the kind of crop, farmers use various fencing to protect their livelihood because if their crops are ruined , so is their future salary and money that they need to make .

The last type of agricultural job that requires fences in order to make it work more efficiently is that of a horse farm. Some people that own horse farms also train and board other owners horses . Fencing for this kind of structure is obviously very important to keep the horses safe as well as keep some of the horses separated from one another . Just like people, not all horses like each other . Some horse farms use the white wooden fencing while others use a combination of wood and metal . This usually varies by region of the country and what is popular there.

Whatever kind of farm you may look at from New York to California , you will notice some type of fence on it and surrounding it. They are important elements of a farm's design and serve many different purposes.

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