Monday, October 26, 2009

Outdoor Pond - Tips For Successful Backyard Ponds

By Michael Wezsky

If you are thinking of improving your backyard then an outdoor pond is a great addition, it's a place to be close to nature and relax, a place where you can rest and recharge your batteries. No wonder more and more gardeners are adding nice backyard ponds to their properties. The 7 tips below will help you build and maintain a great outdoor pond.

1. Inspiration from books, magazines and the Internet. You can find inspiring pond photo books in your local library or bookstore; also websites like and can be researched for images, tutorials and tips.

2. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Ponds and water features can be found in public buildings, parks and gardens, just go for walk and keep your eyes open. Using your camera to capture ideas of what you like and dislike, will make your backyard design easier.

3. Choose your pond location. Remember that a pond is not a mobile feature in your garden. Think of how close you want it to your house or neighbors property. Keep it away from sources of debris like a tree that looses many leaves. Place it in a spot where you can enjoy it from a window or at a relaxing corner of your garden.

4. Style is everything. Formal ponds is your choice if you like your pond to follow the classic or modern look of your house. Classical gardens and public monuments are a great place to find examples of formal ponds. Informal ponds is your choice if you prefer to blend it to the natural environment around. The inspiration to look for when building informal ponds are lakes and small springs with their smooth and irregular form. The main issue to keep in mind is to match your property design with your pond's design.

5. Additional design tips. Waterfalls and other features can be added to your pond but take its style into consideration. What kind of fish will you introduce and what are their needs? Does your ground allow easy digging for a below the ground pond or maybe you need to build it above the ground with a nice brick or stone wall?

6. Keep a close eye on your budget. Make sure you have the skills and resources to complete you pond building project. Sum up the materials, construction and maintenance expenses, including professional help if needed. If you need to cut building costs or reduce your efforts take a look at pre-made pond kits in the web or local stores.

7. Safety first. Keep your pond safe for children, pets and animals you host in it. Your safety checklist should include stable surfaces and waterproof electric installations. To avoid water leakage keep your pond level and use a good liner to avoid holes in your pond. Don't forget constant maintenance and cleaning to keep you pond clean and enjoyable.

Careful planing, execution and maintenance will make your pond building hobby a successful and enjoyable experience. Outdoor ponds can be a great family project, a relaxing spot in your garden and even a great increase in property value.

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