Friday, October 30, 2009

Tips For Hiring Service Providers For Home Repair Projects

By Connor Sullivan

For a very long time, Tom and Nicole had thought about purchasing a home in the Chicago area. Tom, an architect, and Nicole, an interior designer were taken with the home styles that the area had to offer. Since their marriage several years ago they had rented a lovely brownstone on a convenient and high traffic street. As they looked for a home of their own to purchase they were drawn to the bungalow style which was so prevalent in many of the Chicago neighborhoods. They knew a bungalow would be on the small side when it came to square footage but the corresponding small home mortgage fell comfortably within their budget, leaving them adequate funds for updating and maintenance. Tom and Nicole were well aware that older homes often call for significantly more maintenance than newer ones and were trying to plan accordingly. When they finally did purchase their home one of the first things they did was hire the services of a nearby Naperville handyman. Having previously worked with him on a Naperville bathroom remodeling job for one of her design projects, Nicole knew he was a proven professional who could get the job done. When seeking professionals to provide maintenance services for home projects, smart homeowners look for several non-negotiable things in their provider.

It is a prudent move to select a provider who has been bonded.

It is truly imperative to select a provider who has been insured.

It is wise to always be sure to select a provider who will give you a written estimate prior to performing the job.

It is wise to always be sure to select a provider only after checking out their complaint status with the Better Business Bureau. Be sure to note whether grievances are listed as resolved or unresolved.

It is wise to always be sure to select a provider who will offer a warranty on the work they will perform.

It is wise to always be sure to select a provider who can supply you with several valid references.

By keeping these few suggestions in mind, homeowners can most likely put themselves in a position to hire a reputable service provider for their improvement jobs. While delays or unforeseen expenses sometimes do happen in improvement or maintenance projects, working with a provider whom you have chosen based on the preceding points will most likely give you the opportunity to have your work completed well, completed in a timely fashion, and completed on or near your budgeting expectations. Having a go-to person or company for the many home related maintenance issues which can occur, particularly for the owner of an older home, is imperative. Whether it be routine maintenance such as painting or weather sealing, or more complicated improvements such as a kitchen overhaul, using a skillful and proven service provider will serve you well in the end. With a little initial due diligence it is possible for a homeowner to hire the best person for their maintenance right from the start, eliminating stress and beautifying their living space with minimal complication.

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