Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Else Wants a New Garage?

By Frediruk Reblerup

Space seems to be the prevailing woe of quite a large number of people. This is understandable since apartment rooms and condominium units charge a hefty rate every month while house and lots in the suburbs require high monthly amortizations. This has led to the need for urban planner and interior designers since they know how to truly maximize any living space presented to them.

However, if you are neither of the two, fret not. You can still use your creative juices to look for space. If you need a new garage, assess your living space if it's a feasible option.

Typically, a simple garage does not need a huge amount of cash in order to be built. Keep this in mind so that you won't have to act like a miser and scrimp on the budget. Failure to heed this advice will result to a finished product that has absolutely no sense of style that even a hobo would not feel comfortable living in it. So, if you are mulling over on whether or not building a new garage will benefit you, here is a list of great ideas to convince you that you can achieve a special garage.

First, you have to make a decision whether you will prefer the attached or detached style. If the option sounds alien to you, here is the definition. An attached garage is simply built together with the house. It was not built separately. Most modern communities offer this choice to their homeowners because it acts as a convenient shield during the cold winter season where nippy air is attacking you from different directions. During summers, it also protects you from the sizzling heat of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Too bad though, as this limits the design probabilities of your home.

If you want to turn a hundred and eighty degrees, you may select the detached type of garage. It offers numerous advantages such as eliminating the imposing garage-dominated facade of your abode. This way, you will be free to make your house as attractive as you possibly can. You may also set back your garage far away from your home so that it will not look too crowded. A third benefit is that the space meant for the garage may be utilized for something else, like a plant and chair-dotted patio or a cool kitchen garden. Doesn't it sound exciting to you? Lastly, for those who are living in a moderate climate, you will greatly appreciate the green landscaped walk from your trusty automobile to the house.

Instead of resorting to the typical layout wherein the house plan has a garage facing the street directly, attached to one side of the house, with the entry to the insides requiring a mini tour of the laundry or utility room, bypassing a cozy bathroom along the way, why don't you build a simple mudroom with a good storage area and chairs to sit on. This option is more practical and welcoming.

For those who own numerous automobiles, multi-car garages doesn't exactly pose as a big problem nowadays. What is important is that your architect is informed ahead of time so that he can work in collaboration with the engineer and contractor assigned to your house.

Include the stairs in the building plan if you want to have the upper floor rented to individuals. This way, you will not only have a simple garage, you will also gain another form of livelihood.

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