Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Office Design - How It Can Lead To A Better Employee Performance

By Jennifer Parker

Office design can have an impact on the performance of the office and the business on the whole. Hence many companies nowadays work with creative office designs which ensure a better flow of work amid a close-knit work environment.

It is a well known fact that for an office to work efficiently collaboration among employees is vital. Offices that are boxed into cabins and cubicles hinder effective communication between staff, as these physical barriers hinder free communication, and sharing of work and ideas.

The first step towards building a productive office design is to do away with the cubicles inhabiting the office space. An open floor design must be incorporated in the layout of the office so that employees and their managers can come together and communicate without any barriers. All physical screens that block visibility and communication like opaque enclosures and translucent screens must be removed from an office.

The other key consideration for an effective office design would be to go for environment friendly materials and furniture, which are recyclable and straightforward to manage. Moreover, the designers should make sure that ample daylight reaches the office interiors. More sunlight inside the office means less use of artificial lights and thus lower electricity bills for the organization. Sunlight also affects the moods of employees who remain more energetic and efficient in presence of natural light.

Each business has its unique set of needs and hence, the use of productive office design aspects and considerations have to be modified accordingly. However, following these basic guidelines and incorporating them in an office will lead to a progressive atmosphere for enhancing workers' productivity and improving their overall satisfaction with the company. A good office design can also be an impression creating strategy for a business, with customers appreciating the modern outlook that the company's office will present. Hiring well known office design consultants with a good standing in the market will make sure that all these goals can be taken care of in an effective and professional manner.

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