Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deciding Between Plastic, Metal or Wooden Sheds? This Can Help

By Timothy Corcoran

There are quite a few considerations to keep in mind if you are trying to decide between plastic, metal or wooden sheds. With the exception of cost, let's look at three basic categories.


Plastic and metal sheds have their weaknesses even though they are both durable and reliable products. Metal sheds get blistering hot in warmer climates and plastic (vinyl) can take a beating if exposed to heat for long periods of time. If untreated, wooden sheds can be damaged by overexposure to heat and sunlight but this is easily remedied by treating with a high quality water sealer. Fortunately, all these types of materials can be painted which provides an added protection.

Imagine how unsightly your shed would look with a few good sized dents in it. This is exactly what can happen to your shed if it is made from metal. Wooden sheds, on the other hand, are pretty easy to repair if they are nicked by filling in the hole with wood filler and simply painting or staining over it. Wooden sheds can also handle extreme weather conditions quite nicely since they are framed very much the same way that houses are.

Freedom With Wood

It can definitely be overwhelming when you start to shop for sheds simply because there are so many choices. All of these shed types - whether they are metal, plastic or wood, come in many different styles and sizes. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using wood over the other two materials is that you are able to construct a custom shed from scratch.

There are hundreds of shed plans online that you can purchase and download for minimal cost. This is a great starting point for those who have some basic carpentry skills. You can even alter your plans to fit your particular needs. For instance, if you need to fit a riding mower and a snow mobile in your shed and you need to add extra room to accommodate both of them, simply add on the extra space while your building.


The overall appearance of a wooden shed can't be touched in comparison to plastic or metal. Take advantage of the wood's natural beauty (especially cedar) by simply sealing the wood with a high quality water sealant or stain. Place your wooden shed in a place where you can easily see it from your house. Metal and plastic sheds are better placed farther from view are even off to the side of the house.

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